Visit Syracuse Corps of Santa Lucia 15 / 22 December 2004

Narration of a dream

I am sure that the ground is nothing comparable to this emotion inside me exploded irreparably and certainly in the thousands of people, among them my wife and my son, present near me at Foro Italico, the so-called "Marina" on the 15th December 2004 .
The climate was very mild, after so many days of rain and humidity was, as we imagined was given on the occasion of the event, a day defined by these almost spring.
Thousands of people waited in the immediate vicinity dell'approdo for motovedette the harbor of Syracuse, the arrival of the body of Saint Lucia.
Arrival expected to be nine hundred and sixty-five years, and finally, thanks to the Archbishop Mons. Joseph Costanzo and the cooperation of other religious and political authorities, materialized on this day of celebration for Syracuse.
Throughout the quay of the port large transennata for the occasion, echeggiavano religious songs broadcast by the many speakers installed for the occasion, the always funny and dragging father Salvatore Arnone incitava from one stage to present the faithful prepare to sing and scream together: "Viva Santa Lucia" because the ship with the military remains on board was now imminent.
Suddenly s'intravedevano some tugs of the port which, for the special occasion, made of the water games with the instruments on board, the voice of father Arnone s'infervorava, our Lucia was behind those boats.
Iniziavano in heaven some fireworks while people began to wave white handkerchiefs and shouting helped by some present, probably already bearers of Simulacro, "Sarausana je - Viva Santa Lucia".
Probably some events that occur during its life, can not be explained by any slightest science. I happened to live a dream while being fully awake.
I did not believe my eyes: with a video camera, bought for the occasion, I tried to focus the image and could recognize the shape of that body seen many times some years earlier, when I lived in Venice.
No, it was not a dream, it was a wonderful reality that as we approached the dock at the port and at the same time the emotion was room for an idea that what was happening was perfectly normal: a wonderful girl returned, although one week, in their city.
The most exciting moment, slightly delayed by technical landing times, was concretizzandosi; as remains of Lucia, brought by some military Navy, Syracuse touched ground while singing, applause, sventolio of white handkerchiefs, albeit silent, causing a roar and tears of many present could no longer be contained.
The wonderful Lucia was then placed on a fercolo golden made available by the church and Carlentini, after the speech of the Mayor, the Bishop of Syracuse and the Vicar of Patriarch of Venice, began the long journey through the streets of his home town, until the Basilica of the Sepulcher.
Particularly important were the first to the hospital stops, and the Shrine of Our Lady of Tears then. Here another exciting event was to achieve the original picture had lacrimato in 1953 was led, among hands of the rector Msgr. Michele Giansiracusa under the stairs of the Basilica of entry, the meeting with the remains of the woman who had illuminated many centuries before Syracuse.
Shortly after the arrival at the sanctuary of the Basilica of the Sepulcher, as Lucia returned home.
So spent the first days of stay of the body by Lucia in Syracuse, you could see that his presence was a dream for the thousands of people who were imperterrite patiently lined up to enter the Church.
Arrivava But on the day of departure for the return to Venice.
On the afternoon of December 22 on Piazza Santa Lucia is pending before the body was transferred to the next stage and from there by helicopter, which carried the plane was brought in Venice.
Yet so much emotion on the part of everyone: first when they went out, accompanied by Fire, the remains of Lucia, still acclaimed so worthy and composed by the people present and then when the helicopter, once accepted, decollava between sventolio the same white handkerchiefs that had received seven days before.
I shall never forget in my life this experience of faith and love, the people shouted: "Sarausana je - Viva Santa Lucia" and even "Lucia are our Patron, back here at home."
Even the pilot of the helicopter, after three rounds of the city before heading for North, prodigava in a maneuver that would represent Lucia's greeting to his people.
So Lucia returning to rest at the Church of Sts. Jeremiah and Lucia in Venice and in the hearts of all Syracuse still echo the words of Archbishop Msgr. Costanzo said that from Venice that you will always stay close.
In the heart, grateful to the Church Venetian and Siracusana, all of us will always hope that Lucy can finally return here at home.



Lucia back to Syracuse after 10 years - 14 to 22 December 2014
If there are times in life during which you have to express deep feelings through words, this is one of those.
On this occasion even more than in that of ten years ago, I had the opportunity to serve Lucia, instrument of the Lord and a shining example of Christian life, through intense hours near his mortal remains.
Since his arrival, in the warm afternoon of 14 December at the square in front of the Pantheon, Lucia was flooded by the crowd of his fellow citizens and the thousands of devotees coming from all parts of Sicily and Italy.
I saw, accompanied, helped to pray children, seniors, adults with obvious and hidden physical, spiritual, moral during the seven-day stay at the Basilica of the Borgata before and two days later in the Cathedral, and Lucia was always there motionless, in the mighty beauty of the remains, but with a load of love and spirituality that even a hurricane can match.
So many tears of the people, the cries of joy, of love, of pain all addressed to you, advocate before the Lord with Mary for us and not Syracusans.
Immense and moving the crowds in the two processions of 14 December, which was accompanied by the Pantheon in the township with a stop at the Hospital Umberto I and the Sanctuary, the first time in the Basilica with the miraculous picture, where it was celebrated Mass, then that of December 20, where Lucia has reached the Cathedral to receive anchors countless visits and prayers.
Still warm the crowd spontaneously that has been created on 22, when Lucia was to leave his city to return to Venice. The Syracusans did not know when and how Lucy would be shared, but a human passavoce has meant that the path from the Cathedral by Minerva, Via Roma, Piazza Archimede, Corso Matteotti, l.go XXV July, Corso Umberto and via Elorina, where Lucia started to get to the airport of Catania, was full of people who still cried Sarausana Jč.
Thank you, thank you, thank the Lord for giving us once again the presence of Saint Lucia with his Body and making it your favorite daughter.

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