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Teca containing the prodigious framework of plaster Madonna of Tears



Reliquary containing the latest tears levied on September 1, 1953 by the decorative plaster, the ampoule which were taken, some diapers used to dry the tears.



Frame extrapolated from the original movie shot during Tearing the picture in chalk.


The interior of the Shrine of Our Lady of Tears during a Eucharistic celebration - Under the Crucifix, the theca with prodigious framework.


Marble statue of St. Lucia kept inside the temple of Sepulcher (opera by G. Tedeschi)


Cathedral of Syracuse


Arrival at the port remains of St. Lucia


After 965 years, the Body of S. Lucia touches land Syracuse

The image and the body of Santa Lucia in the Basilica of Syracuse

The image and the relics of St. Lucia front of the basilica dedicated to her. - Day of Departure


With the helicopter Fire begins the return trip to Venice of the Body of S. Lucia


Detail of silver mask covering the face of Santa Lucia in Venice


Details of the bust of the Body of Santa Lucia in Venice


  Details of the hands of Santa Lucia


The altar with the urn of Santa Lucia-SS. Jeremiah and Lucia-Venice


  The entrance of the Church of SS. Jeremiah and Lucia-Venice

Relics of St. Lucia kept in the Cathedral of Syracuse-procession for the feast of the Patronage of May


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