A small family of Syracuse that despite the daily problems very common to all those who work, children are growing and are immersed in daily life, wants to make known to those who connect to the site their ideas, values and believes that some of the events cultural and religious that its ancient city has experienced over time.
The historical events are the result of passionate personal searches, we apologize if maybe the concepts are very simple language, but it is our heart that speaks, and so wants to transmit using modern means that the technology offers.
As indicated on the home page, we are prepared to send all over the world and completely free images, holy pictures, prayers, writings and all that we ask, on the Madonna of Tears and Santa Lucia. Trying to accontentarvi will be for us a concrete way to spread in a very simple way, the message that "Meraviglie Siracusane" wants to bring to others.
We want to communicate further that everything that the site contains can be freely copied and distributed, but only non-profit, can not sell feelings and events of this kind.

            Emanuele - Cristina - Cosimo - Lucia


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