Unfortunately, nowadays, children growing up in a world made entirely of ephemeral ideal.
Fashion, wealth, reputation, physical form, technological innovations represent all of the important elements, if they are given the right value.
If there really fermassimo everyone to reflect on how they lived until a few years ago and what was really important in a family there accorgeremmo what are changed times.
For some children age is also a clothing essential as a pair of shoes or a coat was a luxury; today, however, we stop to reflect on the model most trendy at the moment, even if you have a house shoes or a closet full.
Let us help our children reflect, of course not drammatizzando, making them understand the importance of what we have and the sacrifice that costs work to earn what they need to live a dignified, to maintain a home in which to live and be able to afford a small luxury every time.
Esaltiamo also called value FAMILY, renouncing maybe a few hours of overtime at the office or the vision of some football match on television with the intention to spend a bit more time with his wife or their children, perhaps learning to pray a little together, reciting a daily S. Rosario, putting in place all the good will to make lasting and firm domestic relations.
Children will have a positive input for their growth, understand the importance of their image to the parents and that, in most cases, will help correct paths to take in their lives as men or women of the future.
The wife does not feel neglected, thus avoiding malumori that often strike conjugal union.
I think everything else is by itself, we have just put a bit of feeling!


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