Basilica Shrine of Our Lady of Tears of Syracuse

<<Shrine of Our Lady of Tears, you are born to remind the Church tears of the Mother>>. JOHN PAUL II, Consecration of the Sanctuary, Syracuse 6 November 1994

Beautiful work of modern architecture in concrete and steel, built as a tribute to Our Lady of Tears, which appears in prodigious event 1953.
With its total 103 meters high (94.50 about the plan pavement at most 9 meters high from floor to ceiling of the crypt) is visible from almost every part of the city of Syracuse and some neighboring towns hill .
On top insists a statue of about three meters, in gilded bronze depicting the entire picture of the Virgin prodigious with open arms, seated inside a stele radiating.
It can accommodate 11,000 people standing and about 6,000 seats and is composed of top temple and a crypt, inaugurated on 28 August 1968.
Many have the meanings assigned: Tent under which gather Christians beacon that illuminates humanity, drop tears reminiscent of the heavenly Mother, a symbol of elevation of humanity to God.
It was consecrated by Pope John Paul II on 6 November 1994.
Inside houses, besides the SS. Sacramento, the Shrine with tears taken during the miraculous event of 1953, and with some cloths which were dried at the same.
It is the destination of thousands of pilgrims throughout the year, come from all over the world ask for the intercession of the Virgin.

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