"If you do not get as children never enter ever" (Mt 18,3)




In particular occasions this verse of the Gospel has echoed in my mind and my heart like a bolt from the blue.
I have personally seen what can be really great catechesis innocently that a child can do much more profound than a thousand speeches adult "experts".
It is indeed Cosimo, from the small experience of his tender age, with a simple sentence has managed to make me think in the most difficult moments, he was able to focus my thoughts on the fundamental values of a Christian.
I tell you: it has wrapped for the game, as if he were doing gifts, some objects, including its small toys and other things.
Suddenly, consegnandomi one of them, he alluded to the content telling me: "one thing that you love a lot ..."
Intrigued open the packet and to my great emotion you find in a small crucifix that hung often takes him as his bedside table.
What a great lesson that I gave my son! He managed with a gesture, which for him was a game, to return my gaze on the true purpose of life.
The Gospel is always the gospel: "If we do not get as children do not enter it."






Value of a smile

A smile costs nothing but very true.

Enrich who receives and who gives it.
Not that lasts a moment, but his memory is sometimes forever.

Nobody is so rich that they can do without.
Nobody is so poor that we can not give.

Home brings happiness, in the struggles infuses courage.
A smile is a sign of friendship.

A well that one can not buy, but only donate.
If you meet people there a smile can give, give you.

Why anyone needs a smile as he who does not know how else to give



(P. Faber)


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