Our trip to Venice
For our 7 years of marriage we want to make a gift: return, after six years or so, in Venice.
This time, however, in the heart had a sweet memory: the visit of Santa Lucia in Syracuse in December 2004.
So we went to find, with the help of God who put the Saints on our journey as an example, our illustrious Patron.
Emotion always strong and can be re praying quietly in front of his body, talk with her sister and considering our ambassador to intercede to the Father.
You can admire some of the most beautiful pictures that we have done in Venice in our PHOTOGALLERY.
Even these images, in their simplicity, want to convey our love for S. Lucia, which must always be an example of true Christian life for us.
We must never forget, however, as a cartel under the urn containing his remains, to worship only one who has made Santa. Having respect for example and taking the Saints not ever forget that God is above everything

Even in July 2012 we had the honor of visiting the remains of Lucia in Venice.
intense moments of prayer and emotion, this time together with our small, which bears His name.
Thank you Lord for giving us Saint Lucia as an example of Christianity.

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