Miracles of Our Lady of Tears
From a scientific point of view, the phenomenon of Tearing was confirmed by chemical analysis conducted on some tears picked up by a specialist committee, directly on the picture in chalk on September 1, 1953. The results were obvious: it was human tears!
Of course, the wonderful gift of tearing della Madonnina Syracuse was an event that brought fruits of conversion.
Tangibili stimuli that gave fruit to conversion of many have been so many miracles performed through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart and Addolorato of Mary.
In this section we want to restore only some of the testimony at the time, taken from a document dated November 1953 concerning the approval of ecclesiastical Can. Cilia Savior, then Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Syracuse.
We are sure that the voice of those who cried when the miracle of the facts can not be tarnished by any doubts that the time spent may arise in the minds of non-believers.
The first was to be healed Antonina Just Iannuso, owner of decorative plaster and the first person who noticed the presence of tears, had no more problems either for the pregnancy or for the Corsican later.
The small Sicilian Aliffi Savior of nearly two years, had been diagnosed with rectal cancer, after parents, now desperate, had turned to the intercession of Mary the child is not accused more disturbances.
The small Syracuse Moncada Enza three years from the age of one year suffering from paralysis to the right arm, after he was applied cotton blessed before the picture began to move his arm.
The Syracuse Ferracani Caterina 38 years, suffered a cerebral thrombosis was left paralyzed and mute. On his return from a visit to Madonna and having applied cotton blessed regains his voice.
The Trapani Tranchida Bernard of 38 years, left paralyzed after an accident at work. One day, he was hospitalized in Livorno, while a woman and a man spoke of the events of Syracuse was and transit. The man involved in the discussion was skeptical and said he would believe in miracles if he had seen walking the paralytic who was passing by them. The woman, then offered it to a piece of cotton Tranchida blessed. The afternoon Tranchida telegraphed home saying he was completely healed. The story was echoed in the Corriere della Sera of Milan. The Tranchida later came to Syracuse to honor Mary.

The francofontese Anna Gaudioso Vassallo, which together with the husband testified doctor, to be now resigned to its end due to a malignant tumor of the rectum, a result of metastasis of a tumor excised uterus. Sent home without hope luminaries professors decided to go to pray at the foot of the miraculous picture and her husband, in his hopeful prayer, he applied his wife a piece of cotton on the ailing blessed. On the night of 30 September, the Mr. ra Anna felt as if a hand took away the patch and in the morning found him loose. Undecided whether to put it back listened to the granddaughter of just 5 years, who told her not to do so because the Virgin Mary spoke to her little heart by telling her that he had made ​​a miracle to her aunt. Numerous medical subsequent constatarono the total healing of the lady from evil.
These testimonies, along with hundreds of miracles of unexplained scientifically defined, should be for us a concrete example of the love that God has for his children, especially those who suffer. This feeling is made even bigger by the intercession of Mary, his Mother, who chose, in a historical context is not easy, the city of Syracuse to occur.
How important is, for us Syracuse and non-stop for a moment to reflect on these great gifts. How much better it would be if our lives more thought to our these divine gifts valorizzandoli, instead of thinking to destroy, through our actions, that we have been given.
This can not and will not be a "lesson in life" and based on abstract theories surreal. Our heart, which has experienced many times as there is a positive in all this, wants to invite you to reflect, to look at the sky, to stop for a moment to pray.