Quick historical facts and considerations
It was on 29 August 1953 when, in a very small and humble house typically "buggariota" (village), located in Via degli Orti S. Giorgio 11 in Syracuse, was an inexplicable miracle: a picture of chalk depicting the Immaculate Heart of Mary wept. And he did for four consecutive days.
The effigy of the Holy Mother. He wept in a house of young married couples, spouses Iannuso, when the girl, Antoinette, was pregnant and was suffering serious health problems arising from pregnancy.
After recovery from an illness that had temporarily lifted the view, a humble looking framework given by the sister-in at the wedding, noticed immediately, with great emotion and wonder, that the eyes sgorgavano tears.
I just imagine what triggered this news in a place like the Borgata where all "accidentally" know all of the other and where up to the eighties was customary spy from the windows of houses located on the ground floor what happened outside.
This, after all, nice habit, it was certainly made even more lovely by the simplicity and goodness of mind without doubt more people in the fifties and that is gradually waning, unfortunately, nowadays.
The skepticism of scientists and the Church of caution, however, failed to curb the thirst for Sacred that had the faithful, and thank God still today, making them rush for sure what was happening.
A scientific committee went on the day on September 1 at home Iannuso, with the intention to take some samples from tears picture.
It was right in front of their eyes that Mary, after doctors had taken tears, suddenly stopped crying, as if to give a sign ...
The essential truth of awards later arrived by scientists from the same first and then Sicilian Church, did not only strengthen the Christian sentiment in people who flocked now as a river on all sides to achieve miracles and thanks from Tears of the Virgin.
             The crowd was so large that bisognò expose the picture later outside the house, on the facade of a building in front of it and then on the nearby Piazza Euripides, where he remained until 1968, when it was opened the crypt of the Shrine, where the same was traversed.
                Testimony of tangible are exceptional and struggenti movies of that time, where you can admire humanly and Christian people of every social class and level, which is to implore the freedom from physical illnesses often terrible.
             Watching those images is projected during directly, stay motionless next to the many suffering in waiting for the grace of God, through the intercession of the Virgin grant miracles implorati; you can perceive that pure faith, which sees the only God mali solving.
             Many miracles were granted through the intercession of Our Lady of Tears, and still Mary is manifested in the lives of those who love His Son.
This is different, in my opinion, the sublimity of the Divine: nell'esaltare the poor, the suffering, the most humble, as its young inhabitants of the house in Via degli Orti No 11, which in their extreme modesty, simplicity of the new family that is trying to grow conceiving a child, receive a priceless gift and unexpected for people not accustomed to the spotlight and placed in the first row, Tears of the Mother of the Lord, water on the ground burned that represents the life of the poor people.

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